Think outside the marketing box to compete and attract more customers online. Traditional options and proven methods for reaching customers now have limitations especially with the significant changes that have taken place over the past few months. It’s more important than ever for businesses to be flexible, creative, and proactive with their strategies. Embrace this innovative opportunity to become a part of the ultimate virtual event experience.
Meet ✦ Educate ✦ Interact ✦ Sell ✦ Impact

Why Join The
At Home Event

The At Home Event is the premier online destination for marketing lifestyle brands, products and services from the comfort and safety of your home. Vendor Village is a virtual marketplace that connects E-commerce businesses and sponsors with interest-based consumers anywhere in the world. The Main Stage will feature entertainment, demonstrations, and educational talks with industry professionals and subject-matter experts.

Persuasive Impact. Two-way communication with video conference & text chat.
Customization. Tailor your messaging to the needs of the customer.
Speed. We live in an era that stresses instant gratification. Customers want to obtain the
Convenience. Easy home shopping experience.
National Exposure. Reach beyond the local in-person event audience.
Say Farewell to
In Person Events

Fairs, festivals, and trade shows are ubiquitous in most industries. Paying hundreds of dollars in travel and parking, hauling boxes of supplies, and sitting in a stuffy conference center for hours on end will not be missed. Weather, illness, personal & work schedule conflicts impact event attendance. COVID-19 and social distancing are changing the way consumers shop. In-person events can be a really great way to exhibit products and network, but are they the safest, most effective way to interact with an audience today?

Say Hello to
Virtual Events

There is a renewed focus on digital alternatives to events with increased interest coming from businesses as they try to manage the fallout from coronavirus event cancellations. A virtual event simulates the look and feel of a physical event. Brand ambassadors showcase benefits of products & services with interest-based consumers in an online environment. It’s a value-driven solution to connect authentically at home. Virtual experiences offer an opportunity for exhibitors, sponsors, and educators to be in a reliable, environmentally friendly space.

Benefits To Being A Vendor
Shop From Home

Audience has a front row seat to browse, discover, and shop. It’s the perfect location to access from anywhere in the world on a digital device. No more long lines and crowds which allows for great conversations without all the noise of an expo floor. Unlike a physical venue, the booths in Vendor Village are open for business for 30 days after the live event.

Reach Nationwide

No longer limited to a local in-person event audience. Impress and influence existing and new customers with quality live streaming. Great opportunity to promote your brand’s participation via email and social media. Live music, entertainment, educational talks, and vendor giveaways will capture attendee attention and participation.

E-commerce Sales

The success of any business relies on sales. More sales equal more profits. We live in an era that stresses instant gratification. Customers want to obtain the product as soon as possible after making their choice. Vendor Village enables consumers to purchase and process payments easily online while in your booth.

Customize Your Booth

Personalizing your visitor’s in-booth experience with high-quality touchpoints will result in better engagements, quality conversations, more qualified leads, and increased ROI. Tailor your brand’s messaging to the needs of the customer by designing your booth with display items utilizing photography, marketing brochures, and promotional videos to learn about and purchase your products/services.

Speak To Your Booth Visitors
in Real Time

Persuasive impact with two-way communication including video conference & live text chat to greet and talk with attendees. Show off your products/services, warm up leads, and deepen relationships with customers. When the attendee comes to your booth, you can focus on their specific challenges and opportunities. Exhibitors can do demos right on the spot. Screens show clickable images, PowerPoints, PDFs, webpages, and/or videos which allows self-guided interaction within your booth.

Increase Brand Awareness

Businesses want to feel good about their choices, and virtual event marketing, when done correctly, is the best way to achieve marketing goals. We are committed to creating buzz to capture attendee attention with a targeted media plan pre- and post-event promoting the At Home Event programming via social media, email campaign, online event calendars, and attendee ticket registration.

Vendor Packages
Virtual exhibit space in nationwide marketplace
Customize with branded header, logo, photography, videos, brochures
Direct Access to company website, social media, E-commerce or Shopify
Online video conference & text chat with
real-time attendee engagement
Vendor Booth
+ Main Stage
Pre-recorded promotional video segment to feature your brand and drive the audience to your booth
Preferred booth placement & on-air appearance during the live event
Programming highlighting speakers with talks on today’s topics
Position yourself as an industry expert
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December 6, 2020
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At Home Wedding Expo
January 14, 2021
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