Andrea Lein

Andrea Esperat Lein, Mental Health Wellbeing Consultant, holds a Ph.D. in Clinical & School Psychology and an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, specializing in giftedness, from the University of Virginia. She’s worked as a clinician, researcher, and educator for over 20 years. Since 2000, Andrea has explored ways to integrate and apply her interests in positive psychology, giftedness, and mental health, particularly in schools and organizations. She's evolved her traditional clinical training to incorporate a holistic approach that draws upon developmental psychology, mind-body connection, functional medicine, nutritional psychiatry, spirituality, and positive psychology. Andrea excels at understanding individual well-being using a systems-informed approach: i.e, targeting well-being at both the individual and systems levels. Andrea speaks, writes, and consults on topics ranging from parenting, creativity, giftedness, resilience, leadership, authenticity, and mental health and well-being. A native of Virginia Beach, VA, Andrea is a wife and mother of a bright, creative (2e) daughter. Her therapy-dog-in-training, Addie, keeps her laughing. She splits her time between North Carolina and the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts.

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