The At Home Holiday Craft & Gift Show - Boost Holiday Sales
Sue Monhait
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All over the country small towns and big cities are making new adjustments to manage through what, hopefully, will be the final round of this 2020 lifestyle. The vaccine is on the way and I think we have every reason to be optimistic about a freer future.

But addressing the here and now … what do you do for the holidays? You’ve already been making product in preparation for the shows. Or maybe you have an alternate plan in place yet still feel like you need to be doing more to drive sales this season – but what?!?

Announcing The At Home Holiday Craft & Gift Show

I’ve partnered with Holli and Robert from At Home Event to present the At Home Holiday Craft and Gift Show on December 6, 2020.

Boost Holiday Sales

This is your golden ticket to holiday sales. And perhaps for you, a replacement for recently canceled in-person shows. It’s your answer to selling all the holiday-themed products you’ve already made.

Plus, even if you hadn’t planned any holiday shows this year, here’s your chance to do something similar without having to guess how much product to bring, worry about whether it sells, or deal with all the setup and teardown of a physical show

All that – plus the opportunity to get into a national show with an experienced and professional team that has virtual event planning figured out.

Visibility & List Building Opportunities

Almost everything is done for you already. And visibility opportunities are baked right into the program.

Not to mention the email list building potential. This is everything we always talk about to put on a successful show.

Customers Are Already Signing Up

Guess what? The Facebook Ads driving attendees to the show have already started.

Yep – customers who will show up to your booth, see your products, and are specifically looking for holiday gifts are already signing up to participate, as we speak.Show Details

When you purchase a booth at the At Home Craft and Gift Show, you’ll be participating in a nationwide marketplace.

Your Custom Booth Page

You’ll get your very own Booth Page customizable with your:

  • branded header
  • logo
  • product photos
  • videos
  • social media
  • and website links

Customers will be able to buy right from that page where product orders go through to your current shopping cart system. So no extra payment setups are required.

Real-Time Interaction With Customers

What makes this show stand out from others is the online video conference and text chat features where you can interact in real-time with attendees.

They can visit your virtual booth, read about your company, and buy your products by themselves.

But they can also request to talk with you either face-to-face or audio/text only to ask questions, give you details on a custom order they want to place, or just to say “hi.”

At-Home Shopping For You & Your Customers

All of this is done from the comfort of home. Your customers can shop on a Sunday afternoon from their couch, kitchen table, or wherever.

Normally, they might have been out at a local craft show or church bazaar buying gifts and stocking stuffers right now … but they can’t this year. This is even better!

I see virtual shows like these continuing to be part of the mix moving forward. People are now so comfortable with Zoom, it’s just like picking up the phone. That means virtual shows, which may have been more challenging this time last year, are now accepted and welcomed.

Setup & Sales Support

This all sounds great I know – and there’s more!

The At Home folks have two live trainings with backup recordings to help you. You can access them live where you can also ask questions or by recorded replay if you need them.

Training 1: Setup Your Online Booth

One covers how to set up your online booth. I’ve seen the interface and most can put it together in an hour or two. But if you’re concerned or think you’re tech-challenged, there will be at least two of us available to assist, if needed.

Training 2: Interacting With Customers

The second training is on how your space should look when someone comes on and wants to talk with you during the event.

Suggestions, ideas, and tips to help make that sale happen just by way of visual representation.

Included in this training is how to manage your booth:

  • which buttons to push to allow someone to see you
  • how to use text chat
  • and things like that.

All this so that by the time the show starts, you’ll be well prepared with a professional online booth and know exactly how to manage your customers and sales.

Day of Show Support

This assistance continues the day of the show … so you’ll never feel alone or unsure about what to do to make this the best virtual booth experience possible for both you and your customers.

Show Date & Time

The At Home Craft and Gift Show is December 6, 2020 from 12-4pm EST.

But get this – your booth will be visible all the way through the holiday to December 31st. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • ride the wave of being connected with the show
  • use your custom branded social media graphics
  • even change out products for the New Year
  • or add a new promotion as the holiday gets closer

You’re in complete and total control.

Steps to Exhibit

Register for your Interactive Booth


  • login to your booth page and input information you already have to set up your virtual exhibit space
  • Highly Recommended–> create a giveaway, sweepstakes, or some reason for people to give you their email for list building – we can help you with this if needed
  • use the custom graphic you are provided to announce your participation in the show on all your social media channels
  • promote your booth to your email list with how they can get a ticket to attend using the easy email template you will be given

(Imagine the increased attendance on top of what the Facebook ads bring in when ALL the vendors send out emails to their audience. Mass Extended Visibility!)

The LIVE SHOW will take place on December 6th, where you:

  • or someone you designate is available at your booth to talk with attendees
  • continue to use the power of the At Home Craft and Gift Show to direct attendees to your virtual booth
  • process and fill orders that come in through December 31st

That’s it! Easy, professional, and waiting for you. All you need to do is grab your booth.

Reserve Your Booth Now (spaces are limited)

Given the short time frame, we are limiting booth vendors to 50.

The limit is in place to ensure that participating vendors get the attention they need. I want this first show to give ALL vendors the very best experience.

The At Home Craft and Gift Show is your perfect way to end 2020 with a celebratory bang! Bring in more holiday sales, add to your email, customer, and prospect list, and set yourself up for an amazing 2021.

You know what they say about momentum – it starts by getting the ball rolling.

And in this case, it’s grabbing your booth before they’re all gone.

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